Our Commitment to Transparency

Transparency is inherent in our commitment to serve the patient by creating a vibrant, inventive and ethical culture that will help people lead better, fuller lives today, tomorrow and well into the future. Shire is committed to responsible sharing of clinical study data.

Reaffirming Commitments to Publish Clinical Study Results

Shire is committed to making every effort to publish our clinical study results in peer-reviewed scientific journals regardless of the outcome of the clinical trial. This commitment also pertains to investigational medicines whose development programs have been discontinued. As of January 1, 2018, Shire supported research manuscripts will be submitted to journals that are visible to the public via Open Access.

Our Studies

Shire sponsors many clinical research studies to develop innovative treatments for a variety of conditions and unmet medical needs. Click below to see a list of studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clinical trial?

A research study is the name given to a scientific study used to find out if and how a new or existing drug/treatment works. These can also be called clinical trials, clinical studies, or clinical research studies.

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Who can participate in a clinical trial?

All clinical trials have guidelines about who can participate.

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